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In 2013, Family Screen started to produce children’s sing-along-songs on Youtube. Their videos are always the go-to platform for good children’s content. 

When cooperating with them for this animation, we aimed to encourage children to explore and accept ideas and things that are different. So we put our focus on a Monster, which brings in a twist for a traditional Christmas song. 

Family Screen


Story & Direction
Art Direction


„It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die.“

A magical world for children

There is nothing better than an imaginary world for children, where they can be self-reliant and are supported to make their own choices. Since there was no story or guideline for the song, we had the freedom to make this possible on screen. Our starting point was a super quick sketch of a kid-friendly Yeti Monster. From here we let our story grow naturally around it. 

Beyond vector art

The project was created with an industry-standard vector art process. To put some visual charm into the animation, we added watercolor texture layers and sprinkled tiny grain into the mixture. Have a look at our process video to get a quick view behind the scenes.

Process Video
Process Video