Soulglo Studio Team Anh & Stefan

Nice to meet you! 

We are Anh & Stefan, a team of two passionate visual storytellers.

We believe that the true purpose of stories is to communicate values and ideas that you want to share with the world. And we want to create stories that genuinely connect people. For that reason, we founded Soulglo Studio. Soulglo is not only a video production house, it’s our journey of creating powerful moving messages.

Making videos matter.

It’s a long-term investment when working with us. Because we put a lot of love into the look and feel of each project. Our visuals are strong and our sound is modest. Our process is thorough and unique. 

Success is made through direct and personal collaboration.

We maintain close and direct contact with our clients. Our communication way to you is short and without any in-between. 

We sustain a more diverse, inclusive culture.

We believe that team diversity brings so many benefits to our projects. It’s about bringing various points of view together into the mix.