Family Screen, the production studio behind the Singkinder Lieder YouTube Channel, asked us to adapt an illustration songbook into animations for children. We worked with them to recreate the characters and the story for the series. 

Family Screen


Story & Direction
Art Direction


„Soulglo succeeded in preserving the character of the original content while giving it a modern feel.“

— DR. PATRICK PRONER, Founder and Producer at Family Screen

The creative process

The challenging part was to create the whole story from only a few original illustrations - and some hints from the lyrics. 

Studying the characters

Even though Mathilde is a simple character for little children, we need to know what her characteristics are in order to animate her. With some clues from the illustrations, we established how she thinks, acts, and what motivates her. These elements are important to make a character believable. 

Create an easy-to-animate art form

With everything being created from vector art, the animations have a modern look and are effective to work with. In addition, we wanted to maintain the quality of hand-drawn illustrations from the artist Franziska Harvey. Therefore we added watercolor elements to preserve the organic feel. We decided that the animations can look as if they come from a book.